Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Photo: Jacek ŻbikowskiChiffchaff (via Elinka)


  1. Got my fingers crossed for you, David… 🙂

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  2. Rise and shine (and give DK a seat on the on-time train!)

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  3. That’s a wow photo! I suspect you posted it before, and now thought it was a great Monday “wake up call” photo! I love your posts and photos!

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  4. waking with a warble. nothing like it.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Such a beautiful ‘vision’ to start the day and the week!!

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  6. Lovely picture, it reminds me of a robin redbreast that’s been drained of color. See

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  7. I hear you!!

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  8. Gooooooood morning! Though you’ve been up since Numpty o’clock and probably feel like it’s almost noon 😉

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  9. beautiful

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  10. THIS will be a wonderful week! What a start (and lovely, lovely photo!) !!!! Cheers break out in this cold climate….


  11. Is that bird singing at the beauty around it, or yelling because it’s Monday?

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  12. How adorable is this bird! Here’s a lesson on having a beautiful environment in which to sing! Inspiration: bring the beauty of nature to our environments…

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  13. That creature is singing this little heart out. I hope you all can hear him!


  14. Enchanting… Great choice!

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  15. The sweet song of morning. Any morning.

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