Lady Bird

Haven’t seen Lady Bird? Watch it.



  1. loved it

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  2. I’m going tomorrow night.
    Thaks for the Nudge!

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  3. I just read a zillion (10) other reviews. Sounds wonderful indeed!

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  4. Loved it!

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  5. That sounds interesting. Normally the lines are so predictable that I have no intention to see it at all. But it looks refreshing. Thank God for that!

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  6. Very good!

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  7. Have been dying to see this ever since I heard Scott Simon interview Laurie Metcalf (whom I love)

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  8. Looks great!!

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  9. Looks like a good one.

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  10. I went to see it with a friend. After 30 minutes I thought “What am I doing at a mother-daughter movie?”
    But by the end, it was ok…in fact, the conclusion was sublime enough I’d go see it again. Preferably with a mother and her daughter.

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  11. Is sitting prettily on my ‘wait for the DVD zone2’ list for a while already. I watched the film Brooklyn with SAOIRSE RONAN, was very impresse (as I was with the book, marvellously well written, achingly true-sounding and then beautifully played) and I’m a total fan of this young and amazing woman. Was shocked at first over the trailer but read a lot later on and watched talks on YT…. Yes, I feel that’s a MUST – and I think it’s not only a mum-daughter film, there is much more to detect and discover!

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