Peaceful easy feeling


53° F on Friday.

39° on Saturday morning.


So when it started at 7 pm last night, it felt anything but that.  A December feeling in February.

Large, wet flakes, falling softly.

I turn off the television. Enough Mueller, Trump, collusion, and spit from the talking heads on Cable. Dirty. Ugly.

Light from the street lamps paint the fresh snow with a soft amber glow. Magical. “This voice keeps whispering in my other ear…I get this peaceful easy feeling…”

I watch from the window inside.

Mother and Son build a snowman, Eric is days from his 24th birthday.  They’re giggling.

Flashbacks. Rosy cheeks. Over sized mittens. Snow pants swishing. Arms swinging up and down, angels in snow. What’s this portrait missing? Rachel who couldn’t make it home for the weekend. And Zeke. Yes, Zeke loved the snow. Snow flakes melting on his velvety reddish brown fur. Barking, and barking and barking at Dad who chases the kids and pelts them with snowballs. Who you protecting these days Bud?


Ahhh yes, the source cause of the giggling: Me. The Butt of their Jokes — Frosty with a mustache…mustachio jokes, never seem to grow old for them.

I ignore them and spot the letters stitched in Frosty’s hat: Namaste.

And look up at the snow continuing to fall.

Namaste to you Big Man.

Namaste right back at you.



  1. Sometimes missing someone or something overshadows the most glorious of vignettes. It’s time to create some new memories.

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  2. One for the “Best of” collection you will hopefully publish once you retire.

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  3. They did a great job. The snow man could be your twin.

    Namaste 😉
    Beautiful snow. Heartwarming post.

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  4. freddiegeorgia says:

    Oh how I love this! Made the mistake of turning on headline news and quickly turned it off. Blasphemous on a Sunday morning. This post…that snowman…you…the perfect antidote.

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  5. A fine looking snowman!

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  6. Absolutely hate it when you make me cry…….

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  7. Thanks for the joy–the kind we all enjoy as children–wha-a happened! Yea, with joy come “that peaceful, easy feelin’…” and snowman is “standing on the ground” Blessings to you and your family!

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  8. A Californian friend can’t bring herself anymore watching or even reading the news…. I understand her and I’m glad to be choosing what I read or not. THIS I’m glad to read and I share those feelings… Living abroad with mother, siblings and son living in another country IS often harsh.
    Snowman is uncannily you 🙂

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  9. one of my favorites of yours –

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  10. roseanne333 says:

    Oh, so now I have a “visual” of you…at least of your mustache! Loved this.

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  11. I see you were supervising again. Enjoy your second White Christmas! LOL.

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  12. I love this, David. I got all wistful and happy and teary at the same time. Wonder if my sons would even ever… never mind.

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  13. Beautiful snowman and family Mr K! Hard to believe Spring is near? 🌸

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  14. This is delightful, pal. Memories, laughter, love, togetherness, a sweet snapshot frozen in time. Love, love, love…. just need a puppy cavorting around to complete this tableau….

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  15. Oh, did we laugh! So much fun at your expense – thanks for being such a good sport and for capturing our moment with your perfect words ☃️

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  16. Namaste embraces it all . And it doesnt have to be serious. Seriously 😳
    Enjoy this soft reminder from Winter and the bright sun and sky to follow.

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  17. I am jealous. Jealous that you have snow that will obligingly create a snowman. Several attempts this winter resulted in defeat as the fluffy stuff refused to bond to itself. I am also jealous that your snowman has come closer to a relationship in one kiss this year than I have managed in…well, let’s leave it at a long, long time.

    Perhaps I am not frosty enough?

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  18. LOL. Love it!

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  19. Magical. Precious. All of it. On a side note, Dylan ran with two vizslas at the doggy park last night… a slightly comical sight, but made me think of Zeke and the snowman with such a wonderful family.

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  20. Time folds back on itself like taffy as we get older.

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  21. Christie says:

    Love the Joy & Life in the photos…

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  22. Christie says:

    btw such a great home! Perhaps mid 1920’s? (and all this time I thought you lived in a quaint New England Cape Cod…

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