Sunday Morning

There are many kinds of prayer. There is a kind of prayer that’s like breathing. There is a kind of prayer that’s like talking to your best friend all day long. There is a kind of prayer in the face of beauty that lifts your hands up because it would be harder to keep them down. There is a kind of prayer for meaning that is ­answered by the one who wrote the book of the whole world and your life, so that the prayer is like waking up and finding yourself a character in the most elaborate of novels, as you’ve always ­suspected: authored, written into a world of meaning, a world meaningful because it was created by someone. There is a kind of prayer that is only a listening, the soft voice of God saying your name, saying “come to me, come to me.”

~ Kristin Dombek, from “Letter from Williamsburg”

Sources: Quote – Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels. Photo: Philip Johnson, Library/Study, New Canaan, CT (1980) via Archive of Affinities


  1. simple and yet so complex –

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  2. It’s the beauty under the surface of this chapter.

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  3. Indeed…I think the most inspired and profound prayers are these – the ones that aren’t found in a book, the ones authored by the heart.

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  4. Thanks for this…a perfect beginning to this day. I don’t know how you find all these but I am very grateful every morning. Your recycling piece was also very good. Someday, I’ll share my black bag policy. It helped save our marriage. 😂

    Have a good day…hope you are recovered and well again.

    Mary Ann


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  5. Just back from our church service (and choir practice AND a lovely meal too) – YES, I admit this made a happy tear leave my eye (one each!)…. I am not from a culture where prayers are read; for me it’s talking, chatting, imploring, begging, but also thanking, praising, ‘jubilating’ – addressing God in a natural fashion, and then listening to a reply or a meaningful silence. Thank You – this is so beautiful

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  6. Love this. Prayers for those who understand and prayers for those who don’t. Yes, we are part of a novel where many parts, including ours, are felt and observed but not read. To become part of this novel is a choice. God is good!

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  7. montanalulu says:

    and this….


    by Mary Oliver

    It doesn’t have to be
    the blue iris, it could be
    weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
    small stones; just
    pay attention, then patch

    a few words together and don’t try
    to make them elaborate, this isn’t
    a contest but the doorway

    into thanks, and a silence in which
    another voice may speak.

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  8. Beautiful. ♡
    Diana xo

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  9. This one truly reached me & touched me today – And is so right for a situation my wife and I are helping others with this week.
    In great thanks…

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  10. I went back to bed after reading this. Back into a deep sleep. Had a dream that I was walking to a beautiful lake. There was someone, a black figure, asking me to come walk to them. I said this is water. The water turned into a mirror. I stood right there, after taking one step.
    Then thousands of starlings came over and danced in the sky.
    Then they all disappeared, and the water stopped being a mirror under my feet.
    The thing is, after I saw your post early this morning I said a prayer. I asked for a sign.

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  11. Reblogged this on Pot of Manna and commented:
    I read this just as I was preparing to write my entry for today’s thoughts on my yearly focus of being still. I stopped. I just need to dwell here for a while. And I invite you to do the same…



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