I so missed you Mom

The Great Dane Unity Blue from the North Star cuddles with her owner, Tanja, during a press call at the 44th international pedigree show in Nuremberg, Germany. (Daniel Karmann, Zuma Press, wsj.com, January 9, 2018)


  1. Thats more than a handful of puppy love ❤️

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  2. No matter their size, they all remain steadfast in their belief that they will fit in our arms or laps…

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  3. Now that I have a dog, I so get this picture!!

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  4. Unconditional love comes in all sizes 🙂

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  5. I, for once, am not sharing the general ‘love this’ accounts. When my boy was approx 6yrs old, I once heard a blood-curdling scream across the train line and I knew that my child was in trouble. The pet Great Dane of his best friend had bitten off half a muscle from his upper arm…. Athough we had a dog when ‘this’ happened, and even though the dog and the boys were best friends since ever and a day, something triggered their dog to freak out. We had to battle that the dog (which we knew well too….) wasn’t put down (not last because they had two children who adored him), but they had to put a custom built 2.50m high strong fence around their plot. Two years later it bit another child and then he had to be killed. Nobody knew why he reacted so bizarrely. My son won’t forget him either as he still sports a nasty scar on his arm….. BUT the photo is so darling!
    PS: We still adore dogs, all of us!!! they are the best

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  6. My friend has not one but TWO Great Danes. And they also think they can both sit on her lap. This is adorable.

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  7. Wow! That’s a handful.

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  8. so much love

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