Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


  • Inspired by Frank Ostaseski in his book titled The Five Invitations where he shares five habits of mind, orientations of spirit — through which an untruculent acceptance of death can become a love-expanding, life-expanding force: (1) Don’t wait. (2) Welcome everything, push away nothing. (3) Bring your whole self to the experience. (4) Find a place of rest in the middle of things. (5) Cultivate don’t know mind. In the remainder of The Five Invitations, Ostaseski delves deeper into each of these precepts to distill its vital lifeblood into insights and practices with which to enrich and ennoble our diurnal existence. (Source: Brain Pickings)
  • Photo Manipulation: 2nd Photo “Splash” by Maurizio Raffa via First Photo purportedly by Raffa via mennyfox55)


  1. Um…I think a shower for me…no sense having my head go where my feet have never been first…

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  2. and i’m all about the bath, but i like to ease in, not so much swan dive

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  3. Coming soon to a bathtub near you – one broken neck.

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  4. Amazing photo! Haven’t quite entered a bath this way yet ha 😀

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  5. ‘Enter the new week boldly or not at all,’ that’s what I always say!

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  6. … If only life could be photoshopped sometimes.
    I do love Ostaseski’s 5 invitations 💛

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  7. Should have had my coffee first!

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  8. That photo sequence…brilliant.

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  9. Interesting choice of images and text, Monsieur! I’m all for the diving into life… not so much into the bathtub – and yes, I can shallow dive but … not into a bath!

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  10. roseanne333 says:

    Such a great photo, DK.
    BTW….is anyone talking with you about ipad glitching? For some reason, I cannot “like” or enter a comment. The last one I tried (yesterday) came out as Annonymous. Only on my ipad, not my desktop. Hmmm….

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  11. The wake-up call ends as soon as she hits bottom.

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