Notes: Just Chillin’ by street photographer Tom Rothery on UPSP (via Newthom)


  1. Oddly, the expression on this dog’s face reminds me of our 19-year-old tabby!

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  2. A dogs life indeed! Happy Friday 👍☀️

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  3. good thing one of them is awake and aware )

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  4. He means business!

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  5. Apparently a union shop dog.

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  6. Eyes on the weekend, that’s what I’m thinking. Just a few more hours and it’s a cold bowl of water and a big bone for me….

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  7. I am betting that the two boys are big teddy bears…

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  8. Ha ha. Good chuckle there. 😉

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  9. I’m thinking….and thinking….

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  10. 🙂


  11. christinesat says:

    This is it! This is the expression of a typical driver standing in the daily morning traffic jam. Great picture, Makes me laugh. Thanks for posting.

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