‘The’ Onion

Peter Glazebrook poses with his 14.6-pound onion, which won its class in the giant vegetable competition on the first day of the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in Harrogate, England.  He has won the onion competition multiple times. He has also won awards for the world’s largest carrot (20 lbs), potato (11 lbs), cauliflower (60 lbs), beetroot and parsnip.

This post was inspired by American author Lawrence Sanders and his Deadly Sin series where his mouth drooling description of sandwiches have never left my consciousness for over 25 years.  His lead character is Francis Delaney, a New York police homicide detective who eats wonderful sandwiches while solving grisly murder cases.

Francis X. Delaney is standing at the counter in the kitchen of his two-story New York brownstone, making himself a sandwich. First, he slices beef from Sunday`s leftover roast and piles it on a thick piece of black bread. A couple of slabs of Muenster cheese goes on next, covered by two circles of raw onion. There`s a can of sardines in the refrigerator, and he places several of the little fish on top of the onion. He dabs a little horseradish over the growing stack, then adds two tomato slices. No lettuce. He slathers mayonnaise on another slice of black bread to complete the sandwich.  Standing over the sink so he can drip all he wants, he eats it with pleasure.




  1. freddiegeorgia says:

    What a face! What an onion! I am in love with both.

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  2. That’s amazing!

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  3. My daughter would be salivating…we’ve purchase 2lb and 5lb onions for her in the past, we have yet to buy her her giant onions this season. We grow onions every year some bulbs and some from seeds. We’ve won prizes from the county fair for Zucchini and one year from the Tallest Sunflowers.
    Peter Glazebrook grows his onions from seed, sowing in December…he grows a special variety, forget the name.
    I know that in Alaska (land of midnight Sun) and in Frasier Valley, Canada (great soil) they grow giant veggies because of the conditions alone…

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  4. WHAT? We just had perfect eggs for breakfast (several different countries worth) and now…a sandwich built with iron sides and slathered through and through with my personal favourite mayonnaise, the very Best kind, I might add. I am at the kitchen sink….waiting. Who’s bringing the suds……?

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  5. Amazing onion but not sure about that sandwich! Uggh Are you hungry today Mr K? Doing a lot of posts on food ha 🍔🌭🍝

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  6. Interesting assortment of flavors. I’d remember that also.

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  7. As I scrolled down, the face came into view before the onion did, and I instantly recognized “pride.” Well deserved though.

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  8. Get out the crockery…I see buckets of French Onion Soup in the making !

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  9. Oh-h, I’m hungry…black bread, tomatoes, lots of mayo, and anything (s)–I’m in! I’d prefer anchovies to sardines in that particular mix…Have to go to the refrigerator…….

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  10. Isn’t he ever so proud? And deservedly so!

    And now I am craving onion rings … big crunchy greasy ones where the onion is cooked so well that it becomes one with the batter ……… ooh ahhh!


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  11. Hahaaaa… David!
    What a great face to awaken to this beautiful Australian Spring day; Sunday at its best.
    The sandwich has me drooling ~ ah, what to have for breakfast… 🙂

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  12. Kanigan, you crack me up….

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  13. What is it with you today?
    First eggs and now this sandwich.


  14. green thumb to the max! p.s. i am always fascinated by what goes into a sandwich, it’s a very personal choice, isn’t it? everyone has their favorites and their quirks when it comes to them.

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  15. I wonder if you are sub consciously thinking of the upcoming Chic o flay? meals during you Texas assignment and craving good food and eating good food is a weekend, indulge, in lieu of the daily norm of the affluent western diet? hint: room service

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  16. Would an onion that size taste right? I can’t imagine what you’d do with it. Donate it to to a soup kitchen that feeds the homeless along with a cow and a 60# carrot?

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  17. this inspired my column for next week-will send it to you privately as it has not been published in the paper yet.

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  18. A proud Yorkshireman that’s for sure! It does make me wonder about his attitude to life and how he relates to people and things in general…

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