Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Source: elixir “Ad for: Pickering Town Center Farmers’ Market. Bring the Farm Home.” Bring The Farm Home campaign was a simple and playful way to communicate the core message to buy farm fresh and local. (via Mennyfox55)



  1. Now a rooster crowing on my night table would scare the hell on me!

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  2. Funny! 🙂

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  3. that’s what it feels like sometimes, just when i get into a deep sleep……

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  4. Laughing out loud once again! Thanks David. :0)

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  5. Think I’d be reaching a little higher than that bird’s feet…. 😉

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  6. NOT a good way to start the day!

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  7. I’d rather hear a rooster crow than an alarm lock going off (assuming the rooster is outside somewhere – not on my night table).

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