Onward people, onward.

~ Linda Gregg, excerpt from “We Manage Most When We Manage Small” in “Too Bright to See / Alma: Poems

Source: Tatterdemalion


  1. I recall the mandalas created by the Monks. Watched them for hours, day after day, create an incredibleamazingastounding work of sand magic and then, with little ado, blow it away…thanks for sharing!

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  2. Some days more willing than others, we continue…

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  3. yes –

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  4. Because we must. It is the only way…

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  5. Every time I see my beautiful friend who is dying of cancer, I watch her embrace each day onward and upward, even in her fragile state, she continues. I am always grateful to be reminded. 🙏🏻

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  6. good

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