Today’s post (sadly) inspired by: Last Orca Born In Captivity At SeaWorld Dies At Just 3 Months Old. (And maybe there’s a message here…). Here’s a picture of Kyara swimming with her 25-year-old mother Takara.



  1. Wow! Absolutely stunning images – I love whales. I lived on North Bondi cliff headlands, a rock face of 30 metres. Once hanging clothes on the hills hoist outside I felt something behind me – I had no neighbours just a cliff and the ocean behind me – I turned, kind of creeped out a little bit and there were whales in the ocean! So, so beautiful! Thank you for these images, they are stunning!

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  2. It’s hard to like this…though the imagery is amazing. Caleb-hangs-his-head-day….

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  3. when worlds that weren’t meant to, collide. so sad.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    CALEB!! Bringing such a beautiful graphic and sad message … captivity kills! 😰

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  5. So sad.

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  6. I didn’t want to clime like – it’s too sad.

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  7. Living in captivity as a whale is equivalent, if not worse than a human living under house arrest for a lifetime. Such a beautiful picture to underline the sadness of the message D:

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  8. Beautiful photo, heartbreaking tale. On a related ‘sad aquatic’ note, saw a horrible piece this morning about some ‘sport fishermen?!’ in Florida who tied a rope around a shark’s tail and dragged it behind their boat at high speeds for an extended period. What are we coming to?….

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  9. That first image is amazing.
    I loathe that these beautiful creatures are captured and, as far as I’m concerned, tortured, by living in such small spaces. I was so proud of my boys last year when I brought them to Cuba. They refused to go swimming with the dolphins because they don’t believe they should be enclosed….

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  10. good

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  11. OK fellas, the water looks safe. Everybody in the pool!

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  12. I’m touched with sadness … but also relief that they will no longer be breeding orcas and are phasing out having sea mammals in captivity. It isn’t right. Full stop.

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  13. No zoos. Period. What’s the point of breeding in captivity when a species natural habitat is gone (the only “legitimate” reason for a zoo)? Just prolonging a painful end.
    Today I am sorry to be a human being.

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  14. The imagery is beautiful but the news is sad and shameful,

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