Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

The Incan relay system could transport news 150 miles per day. The runners, stationed every 2 miles, would run at top speeds and blow a conch shell to tell the next runner they were arriving. The next runner would fall into step beside them, hear and memorize the message, and then run at top speed to the next messenger. The system was so fast they could carry fresh fish from the Pacific Ocean to the Incan king in the Andes valley of Cuzco – without the fish spoiling.

~ Fun Facts, First News

Notes: Photo: Inca Trail via G Adventures


  1. A thrilling game of telephone – I wonder what the initial message sounded like at the end…

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  2. The perfect inspiration to carry me off to the gym in this rainy Monday morning….

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  3. amazing. and such a cooperative effort. if just one person in the chain balked, it was off.

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  4. Ahhh. When life was organically simple in many ways.

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  5. Up and at em!! There’s a message out there 😎

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  6. They had a “writing” system using knots on a row of strings. I’ve always wondered how that worked. It sounds like their courier system may have been in service longer than our Pony Express, but I’ve never looked into that. Amazing to think that they had good roads running all the way from Colombia to Chile.

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  7. Amazing – wow!

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  8. Like Mimi said, I wonder if the message stays true from beginning to end…

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  9. The pony express; without the ponies. Amazing!

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  10. Love this! 😀

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  11. Hey, David…. What about the naming of Australia Fun Fact…
    Now that’s infinitely more interesting…. 😉 😉

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  12. Learn something new everyday! Thanks for sharing, David. That’s truly amazing!

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  13. Thanks for sharing David………………….

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