Lightly child, lightly.

what does light
sound like
and can I keep it
as a pet it followed
me home in my
dumb & sour heart.

August Smith, “A Delicate Warzone,” from Malfunctions



  • Photo: via Your Eyes Blaze Out. Poem: Boston Poetry Slam
  • Prior “Lightly child, lightly” Posts? Connect here.
  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.”


  1. Light stealing away into my heart…a comforting thought. But the photo – come on, ‘awwww puppy!’

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  2. You gotta get a new puppy! Lights everyone’s heart 🌟

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  3. Such an intriguing question…Light is so mercurial – sometimes it whispers, other times it shouts, sometimes it caresses, other times it slaps. And we ALL knew the response that photo would elicit! 😊

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  4. and i couldn’t shake it. nor did i want to…

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  5. You mean you are STILL puppy-less??? Come on, David…Get it together man. Some puppy-dog needs a home! 😉 😉

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  6. That really got to me, as we now have the new puppy!

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  7. This is so very lovely. I could not bear to live without light. And my Zeke thinks you need to get a new furry friend….

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Such tender love … like no other!

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  9. Awwww. What’s not to love?

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