T.G.I.F.: On its knees


There are moments when,
whatever the posture of the body,
the soul is on its knees.

— Victor Hugo,  from Les MiserablesChapter IV. A Heart beneath a Stone


Notes: Quote – Hidden Sanctuary. Photo: Kristi Wright (via Mennyfox55)


  1. yes.
    David, sorry about that and I hope that a bit of weekend RnR might do an assist. (call in sick if you have to) family will understand. lol
    Your post made me think, as they Do. I used to whiz about & get stuff done! and still burst with energy late into the nights.
    Today, making coffee was exhausting 🙂 RnR time….

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  2. I relate too well to this today.

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  3. There are times when I feel my knees are permanently soul-calloused from the pressure. The worry. Heavy days. Heavy loads.
    Thankfully. Gratefully.
    I manage to stand.
    Moving forward.
    Moving on…

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  4. The posture and the soul are often unrelated to each other. And one can be bowed in reverence or bowed by a weight too heavy to bear. Or both. Wishing you an easy weekend, where all parts of you are happily integrated…

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  5. Today my load has brought me to my knees. Thing that doesn’t happen often with me. Too busy being “resilient”. I always plough (or plow, if you prefer) on, faking it till I make it. Today, I shall remain down. It’s okay to rest, right?

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  6. So true. Yoga, stretching and breathing help expand that for me! Have a great weekend Mr K 😎

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  7. humbled.

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  8. So true.

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  9. We’ve all been in and need that position.

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