Miracle. All of It.


What would you do
if your sun told you
it was moving on to another galaxy,
a brighter one,
that it will still shine on you but only in secret bursts?




  1. Gosh, I love the prose you share that reminds me, Yes, Lisa you still have words! You still love words!

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  2. As Martin Luther suggests, I will pray and let God worry about the repercussions!

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  3. I have lost touch – sorry. This is beautiful.

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  4. Thanks for the photo credit.

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  5. I believe I’d be greatly disappointed as I quickly froze to death. ;-D!

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  6. Well, we all know how I would cope! ……..

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  7. My mind won’t let me go there…

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  8. i would mourn it’s steady inspiration and warmth

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  9. I would learn to love the dark.

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  10. Ouch. Clearly we’d die.

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  11. If I could have a conversation with the sun, in your share… I would be attempting, negotiation… on grounds of threat of denial (from lack of life giving light and sun)…& rejection of “moving on to a brighter one”. I’d say all that glitters, light years away is not gold…grasshopper…and “that you’d still shine on you but only in secret bursts” is an insult, as I have, worth and I am not partaking in any tid bitty, part-time warmth, in secret. I’d say Man Up Mr. Golden Sun and Hang Firm in your Appointed Spot in the Universe…and that he’s tied by gravity and responsibility and I can ride a rocket ship hop scotching around the Universe stopping on and catching the eye of a Rising Star…

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  12. Ha, but I am a complex girl…I worked for a law firm my last year of high school and part of the time I was attending university…I thought briefly of law school, but didn’t want to deal with the office politics…I did like corporate, probate, Tax and Real Estate department but not the discipline of those fields that deal with heavy litigation. Two scholarship for university had requirements of taking classes that dealt with law…I did fulfill those requirements…in freshmen and sophomore years.Some of the attorneys were corporate counsel for Fortune 500 companies and wrote the prospects (sp) for stock offerings…I so wanted to buy some stock from some of those companies but felt it wouldn’t be moral, to do so. Later I found out it would have been fine to buy stock…wish I would have I would have been a multi-millionaire by 29…oh well…my piece of mind was more important…

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  13. I love the photo by wordsfromanneli

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