Saturday Morning


Fragile as ash
a memory stirs
and the past comes back. […]

a single breath
can make it
crackle and burn.

~ Gary Catalano, “Breath,” Slow Tennis: Poems 1980-83


Notes: Poem – Memory’s Landscape. Catalano was an Australian poet and art critic. Photo: Eric Rose.


  1. Catching my breath as I read this.

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  2. Love ❤️

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  3. Beyond Beautiful…

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  4. Catching my breath. Was just remembering (prior to opening your post )the moment my Mother died and how I felt her leaving me. Then…several minutes later the call came from the hospital telling me she was gone. I already knew.

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  5. Yes. and ouch.

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  6. Very nice

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  7. and, poof! it is gone once more. but a bit of the feel of the burn remains.

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  8. Beautiful! On a side note, there is a pattern in all the pics you have posted off late!

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  9. roseanne333 says:


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