Jack Garratt, 25, is from the UK. About his childhood he has stated that: “I just really enjoyed making noises and really enjoyed the reaction that I got from making those noises. So they [parents] put me on music lessons to encourage me to hone in on that talent rather than show off.” He wrote his first song when he was 12 and learned to play a variety of instruments from the guitar, drums and piano to the harmonica, mandolin, trombone and ukulele.


  1. Unique!

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  2. The first part was painful to watch. Sorry.

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  3. builds to a frenzy, joe cocker style )

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  4. wow – could be Joe Cocker’s offspring…and so talented. When all I want to do is learn to play the ukelele

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  5. One word…intense.

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  6. I was sold after the first few notes on that guitar. Sigh. What would I do without my music dealer, Kanigan?

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  7. Such power and soul….exquisite.

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  8. thelocallessonlist says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

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