T.G.I.F.: Just more…


And if you need a video fix of the original SNL skit, hit More Cowbell.

Source: Your Eyes Blaze Out


  1. YES!!! Come on Will Ferrell…

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  2. yes, sometimes it’s all that’s needed

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  3. I came across this clip not long ago, and I guess I didnt pay attention when it first came out years ago, for I laugh my a$$ now every time I see it. Thanks for sharing the craziness!!

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  4. All I needed to get going this morning 😝

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  5. There’s also an SNL skit of Walken as an angel visiting someone in the hospital and of course the patient thinks he’s death or the devil… love it.


  6. Can a cow bell cure kidney stones, I was just notified that I have quite a large one in my right kidney about an hour ago. I’ll take a cow bell if it will cure me. :o)

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  7. Still laugh each time I see the Cow bell Video

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  8. Brilliant! Both skits.

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