I refuse to do drive-through. I am not a grazer, I am not a cow. You eat. You sit down.


“I refuse to do drive-through. I am not a grazer, I am not a cow. You eat. You sit down. You put a napkin there. And it has to have the colors. If you’re having a steak then you’ll have a little carrots because it’s really yellow, and it looks good. And maybe a little broccoli. So that the plate — first, you plate it. And my aunt, because my uncle died, and she’d been very sad. And I had to call her and say, “Ag, what’d you have for” — you know, because she didn’t have any daughters, right? And so I said, “Ag, what’d you have for dinner?” She said, “Oh, I just had a bowl of cereal.” I said, “You can’t do that. You have to plate your food.” You have to take of yourself. I’ve started to have massages because it’s like, I have to make time to have a massage. It feels great, somebody just rubbing oil in your back. Where’s the downside? You have to do things to remind yourself that it’s a really good idea to be alive.”

Nikki Giovanni, excerpt from Bill Moyers’ interview with Nikki Giovanni

Notes: Quote Source: Wait-What?. Photo of Nikki Giovanni: Jackson State University News Room


  1. NG is great. That being said, what quality of food is served at a drive-through anyway? I won’t even get my dogs stuff that comes from these places. And I’m all about the massage – acupuncture too. Chris and I both get both every other week. Keeps a body alive, limber and feeling good. Of course there’s always the bikes for cycling and legs for walking. 😉

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  2. I had McDonald’s for breakfast today, drive-through.
    But I just spent the last 3 hours preparing for Braciole for tomorrow, big pot of sauce simmering, and cooked tonight’s dinner.

    I need two advils, but I now feel guilty about the sausage biscuit I had earlier!

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  3. Yep, I really subscribe to this attitude. We can become bored and boring, or we can enjoy what’s on offer for/to us. Needs a little ‘salt and pepper’ at times to spruce things up! 🙂

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  4. yes, Important to remember you have worth –

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  5. It does take effort to nurture and look after ourselves. We often don’t get a second chance 😌

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  6. And why do some of us find this so hard to do?

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  7. I realized the other day that the only time I ‘allow’ myself to hang out in bed and read or watch some mindless TV program is when I am sick, which struck me as odd (and a bit sad, frankly). Why can’t we just indulge ourselves — in a massage, a ‘lay low day,’ an afternoon matinee, whatever it is that refills our tank — without feeling guilty? “It’s good to be alive!” My mantra for the day. 😊

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  8. … I’ve never been to a drive through … restaurant, pharmacy or bank …
    These feet were made for walking 😉

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  9. I don’t do drive through either. I like the feeling that I can speak to a person. We go to the same restaurants and people get remember you as a person.

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