When is Soon?


Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon. When is Soon? What a terrible word: Soon. Soon can mean in one second, Soon can mean in one year. Soon is a terrible word. This Soon compresses the future, shrinks it, offers no certainty, no certainty whatever, it stands for absolute uncertainty. Soon is nothing and Soon is a lot. Soon is everything. Soon is death.…

~ Heinrich Böll, from The Train Was on Time


Notes: Photo: Patty Maher with Land Line. Quote: The Distance Between Two Doors


  1. Fair point….on a less cerebral level, soon is when my coffee will be ready – and for this purpose, I prefer ‘now’….in terms of death? A long, long, long, long time away…

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  2. ‘Soon’ is the artful dodge, the deferred movement, the missed opportunity. And I’m with you on death…later, please.

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  3. I raised my kids telling them “soon, this, soon that!” ha they were always wanting to know when. Not knowing when death may come is the only reason to live NOW. 🙏🏻

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  5. i always told my daughters when traveling, that would we be there in “about 10 minutes”. did not matter if we were traveling 2 blocks or a continent away.

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  6. Chuckle, chuckle!

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  7. This is so true! “Soon” is as comforting of a word as it is ambiguous.

    Talking about time – its such a pleasure to see your post everyday exactly at 4.02am!! Not a minute more, not a minute less! Remarkable!

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  8. I am familiar with that word soon. My book “The Italian Thing” will soon become a best seller. :o)))))))))))))

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  9. Let’s hope the “soon death” is not TOO soon… Time is relative. Ask Einstein. Then again…

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  10. Que Será, Será…

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  11. Oh, and poor thing, she better not take a step too “soon” with that cord around her ankles!!!!

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  12. All generalities become meaningless when scrutinized. Nice post 😉

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  13. The red headed body in a red dress and London Fog Coat, standing in the forefront amidst, the backdrop of ambiguous sky…stockings obscuring the naturalness of bare legs, mired in the heavily laden black shoes on the expanse, hard packed sand…tangled and weighted down in words that She has dragged along from Her last phone conversation, which She Wishes to Escape From…She just Wants to Shed, She just wants to BE, in Solitude…Free from her ill-suited clothes of Constraint and Free from the Stinging Words of Pain…I image the statement of showing no Face is that She Feels She Has No Worth, She Feels like a Castaway in the Expanse of Her Minds Unlimited Chaos … will She Fade Away, Decomposing Her Sense of Self and Mingled into the billions of grains of sand, beneath, eroding with each crest of incoming waves, being battered in pounding force against the Reality of Her Breath? Will She Recognize The Gift of Pain, The Gift of Breath, The Gift of Life?

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  14. Thank you, kind sir. I hadn’t noticed her closed fists… /// I love all the red headed women photos 🙂

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