The temperature rises, the pressure builds, and then…(85 sec)


  1. …and the butter? Have to have butter!

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  2. That’s all of us, tomorrow night.
    Popped corn.
    Not looking forward to who we’ll be served to.

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  3. Michael Zahaby says:

    Does that go with a diet?

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  4. ah, a thing of beauty and i imagine it floating in a lovely pool of warm irish butter.

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  5. See when we break down that outer hard shell, we always find a soft delicious centre! Weird how I only see spiritual teachings in every situation ha! 😀

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  6. Feels like my brain sometimes….😉

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  7. The sound and smell are a delicious harbinger of an indolent Sunday afternoon with an old afghan and a new book. Mmmmmmm…

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  8. Nothing else for me to add to this conversation, I’m drooling. :o)

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