It’s been a long day


I have no bones…
there are days when I could leap up to the clouds —
days when I haven’t the strength to turn the pages of a book.

– Gustave Flaubert, from Intimate Notebook: 1840-1841



  1. uh huh – I hear Gustave! Great share David. ❤
    Diana xo

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  2. And there is yet a third kind of day…
    When one does not have the strength to turn the pages of a book and have no choice but to leap up to the clouds!!!

    It’s a “Son of a B*tch, give me a drink,” kind of day.
    No offense, I’m referring to a song you posted here once.

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  3. having too many of the latter days; too few of the former….

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  4. 8:53 am and I’m nodding vigorously at Sawsan’s last 2 lines…….. heavens
    good post David 🙂
    hope your weekend is nice and restful. rejuvenating!

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  5. Oh yeah….

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  6. Hang in there David it’s just a cycle. I’ve had many over the past seventy years. It does get better. :o)

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  7. The inevitable ebb and flow…hang in there, pal!

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  8. rest your weary bones, david.

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  9. At least you don’t have to wear ballet shoes…unless you want too 🙂

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  10. I’m wondering how those two kinds of days relate to not having bones. Maybe (and forgive me for pondering out loud) bones would carry too much weight for cloud leaping. And the other day would be like all those cartoon characters that turn liquid and puddle out of their chairs.

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  11. My own experience says, when you have no strength to turn a page, push yourself a little more then you will be able to touch the sky. Some one gives you the strength.

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