Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


Source: Pelican titled Grumpy by Bogdan Boev (from Bulgaria) (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)


  1. How’d you get into my bathroom???

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  2. WMS…PRECISELY how I look before product is applied….

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  3. i totally get this. p.s. big birds are the focus of my post today, as well –

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  4. Don’t worry I’ll look better after a nice cuppa. :o)

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  5. freddiegeorgia says:


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  6. Cool hairdo.

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  7. Of course he’s grumpy!
    He doesn’t know what’s going to hit him next or which direction it’s coming from.

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  8. MY HUSBAND’S HAIR LOOKS LIKE THIS IN THE MORNING! (This is me laughing loudly–not shouting) He says it is just a phase,

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  9. Three thoughts, amazing bird so interesting…caption would read that this is Dana Carvey in costume about to say “Well Now”…or Jerry Lewis as the de-shoveled, absent minded guy as “The Nutty Professor”

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  10. Is it real or stuffed. Looks angry.

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