Saturday Morning


And the heart, unscrolled,
is comforted by such small things:
a cup of green tea rescues us, grows deep and large, a lake.”

—Jane Hirschfield, from “Recalling a Sung Dynasty Landscape” in Of Gravity and Angels 


Notes: Poem – thank you Beth at Alive on All Channels. Photo: Green tea with mint by Kookoo sabzi.



  1. Make mine coffee, and this is all true..😉

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

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  3. The mint makes all the difference.
    Just saying 🙂

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  4. ah, the rescue and refuge to be found in a hot cup –

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  5. restorative–give me a barrel….

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  6. This is such a nice way to start the weekend, David. Thank you.

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  7. roseanne333 says:

    This a beautiful way to start the weekend. Thank you, David.

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  8. roseanne333 says:

    PS: and I love that cup and saucer ( – from the sublime to the ridiculous!)

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    • Laughing…


    • Roseanne, I love the cup and saucer too! I wonder if the tea cup and saucer is vintage as I have vintage glass tea cups and saucers with the same handle and I see the pressed glass line…fab, either old or new…and the color so soothing. One of my tea cups and saucer is a very very smooth type of milky, milk glass…I bought a darling little tea cup and saucer recently, turquoise with dainty little bright flowers, the set tied in a bow! The composition of the photo is pleasing. DK, magically, manages to pair such wonders of words with amazing photos.

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  9. It starts with the steeping, anticipation awaits, the aromatic fragrance, pleasing, pour, grasp, warming the hands, raise the mug, take in the aroma deeply as it is intimate with your lower face, breath, gently blow across the surface of the calm surface of the tea infused, warm water to cool, take the chance, test, sip, contact…the flow beings, warming, expands spreading, finding the inner core, soothing…breath…nourishing comfort, overtakes /// One of our dear neighbors when I was a girl had a cool backyard…complete with a “mini” kid sized golf course (more than a putting green) and the beautiful, crafted with care Japanese Tea House! (they may have gotten some of the bamboo for a live screen from our bamboo). They also had a really cool camping trailer which,Vicki turned into a kid summer library it was cool entering the camper, sitting in the dining area and looking through the books, which we would sometimes check was a gift living in such a beautiful neighborhood…were the Douglas fir trees and the large pond at the park were out the window.(designed by the Fredrick Law Omstead Firm who designed NYC, Central Park)..enchanting moments for sure…while my Mom struggled to feed us, wanting to keep us in a place of beauty…

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  10. I find most of my comfort has come from small things. Love this David. ❤
    Diana xo

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