Summer 2016. Last call?



Oh, to be here or there…Now.



  1. Not having a very good day today. Plus…Caleb has gone missing. Camels matter…

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  2. Alright DK…Run to Walmart or Target, pick up a kiddie pool, come home, mix a {stiff} drink, put on your swim trunks, fill said pool, step in, sit down, close your eyes and use that *very* large imagination that I know you possess. Problem. Solved. 🙂

    P.S. I, too, wondered what had become of Caleb. Thought he must have bugged out early for the holiday weekend in hopes of missing the worst of the traffic. 🙂

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  3. For a second there, I didn’t know what day it was. But that’s okay. We have a nice man made ocean pool to relax in. Shark free!!

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  4. christinesat says:

    Oh, I love these days of late summer. Seeing the last stars, when I stumble into the kitchen, making my tea for breakfast. A bit sad, that the days are becoming shorter every week. Watching the sun coming up, when I drive to work. The leaves are not so fresh green any more. I can already see a light orange touch. Looking forward to this orgy in orange, brown and yellow that will start in about six weeks. The dew on the meadows. The first chestnut feeling in my hand. Plum cake, apple pie with cinnamon. The changing of the seasons is one of God’s greatest gifts for me, full of presents every day.

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  5. the final days of summer, you know its here.
    Always a wonderful time, to take just one day off. Just for yourself. to enjoy that Last Day of Summer. I remember those days I did!

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  6. And here’s the rub: when we first moved back to these (Hawaiian) islands ten years (11?) ago, we vowed to ‘go beach’ twice a week, at least once. We have only to travel 25 minutes to world-class beaches of Big Island’s west end, 10 minutes to some of the cleanest deep water currents and reefs, but we rarely go unless visitors come. We have the liberty, it’s not that. It’s just that we have created such a sanctuary at home that we are reluctant to leave. Lovely photos, by the way! 🙂


  7. Oh that looks divine! Visualize, visualize. Even if it feels like we are there for a moment, it’s an escape 😎😎😎

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  8. Summer is my favourite season David. We didn’t have much of one this year. And I try to be a grownup about it but I am sad every year when summer is over and I just can’t seem to not have a mini tantrum about it. ❤
    Diana xo

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  9. home home home…. lovely images

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