Riding Metro North. In the Groove.

Portrait of artist Goran Kosanovic holding his painting on foil by Dragan Todorović

5:57 am train.
Metro North south to Grand Central.
New day. Another Monday.
A slow pan over the prior week, and weekend.
Work. Read. Eat. Toilet. Sleep. (Some). Do over.
And, now, same track, same rails, same destination.
And I sit basking in It.

It’s a Mid Term self evaluation.
The Grade: Content.
Work. Read. Eat. Toilet. Sleep (Some). Do Over.
And content with that.
I shift in my seat, close my eyes and contemplate that.

And then,
Here it comes:
Groove? Rut? Ditch? Abyss?
Bar too low?
Fear change?
Accepting of mediocrity or (horror) resignation.
I’m wringing my hands, my chest and shoulders tighten.

But this time, this time, it’s not biting, it doesn’t persist.
It flows through and passes, without lacerations.
Work. Read. Eat. Toilet. Sleep (Some). Do Over.
It must be Soderling’s “old things have learned how to make peace.”

I stir in my seat.
I feel movement.
A stirring, a precursor to change.
Old things have learned how to make peace.
I need to find a toilet.




  1. I knew it all along!
    The Rain Man.

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  2. Feel it – contentment…being oka. Even while riding Metro North. Good on you..now to the loo.

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  3. Acceptance and contentment for what is today, creates peace, well, until it changes again ha!

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  4. My husband says every day “As long as I can eat and poop, life is good!” And you know what … It truly is. 💛

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  5. Those MTEs tend to get more lenient by time. And that’s a good thing. Contentment is underprized in most business circles.

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  6. freddiegeorgia says:

    You are a funny middle-aged dude.
    So reflective of the big world around you. Strange how so often the big stuff is directly related to the little stuff.
    Broke my R hand over July 4 weekend. Camping and riding ATVs with my nephew and friends in PA.
    I like horses and quiet and solo walks in the woods. Nephew likes riding any machine that roars and spews fumes and goes….FAST…(and then…canned gravy for breakfast).
    Broken hand… a boring story and as a passenger going 1 mph in reverse down a hill…just a dumb judgment call…I bailed and tried to save my camera pack w L arm. R hand can’t even sign hospital release forms.
    Big falling out over nephews ‘joke’ of signing my cast w a swastika. Drove 800 miles home with broken hand and swastika realizing my nephew is ignorant about the big world around him…and so racist…and filled with anger. He’s a Trump guy for sure…but I had to crack up when he asked…’so what is the difference between Republicans and Democrats? 25 years old and rarely watches the news. Trump supporter.
    I call him DJ. He renamed himself…Rednek. Tattoo and all.
    Staring at swastikas on my right arm heading home. I stopped at New River Gorge and got a cheap motel room. Bed and shower were heavenly. Went to Wal Mart and bought farm animal, unicorn, monster stickies for temporary splint. So hurting and tired and sad.
    I am middle-aged…by numbers standards…this was the 10th broken bone inflicted on my 57 year old body. But like a living museum of sorts…they all remind me of landmarks in my life. Mostly funny…lately not so much.
    Bones heal.
    It takes spirit and mentality so much longer.
    I want the world to heal…way more than I need to heal.
    Oh My…I totally forgot…the little things…
    (apologies for carrying on…but your blog has become part family in my home)

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  7. great ending

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  8. Just when I think the grasshopper has graduated to sensei status…he calls a bathroom break….

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