Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


Are you up to your given destiny?

That is the challenge of Hamlet’s troubled question. The ultimate nature of the experience of life is that toil and pleasure, sorrow and joy, are inseparably mixed in it. The very will to life that brought one to light, however, was a will to come even through pain into this world; else one never would have got here. And that is the notion underlying the oriental idea of reincarnation. Since you came to birth in this world at this time, in this place, and with this particular destiny, it was this indeed that you wanted and required for your own ultimate illumination. That was a great big wonderful thing that you thereupon brought to pass; not the “you”, of course, that you now suppose yourself to be, but the “you” that was already there before you were born and which even now is keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing and doing for you all those complicated things inside that are your life. You are not now to lose your nerve! Go on through with it and play your own game all the way!“

~ Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By

Notes: Quote – Thank you Beth at Alive on all Channels. Photo: ‘just keep climbing’ at Shelf Road near Canon City, CO by zach dischner via Your Eyes Blaze Out


  1. So much to consider – and yet, it is early…so I will say ‘Game On’!

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  2. Interesting perspective on a Monday morning!

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  3. Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!!! :o)

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  4. i am indeed, ready. while i am in a very sad place right now, with the end of a relationship with someone i truly love, i know that a door has opened to me, and opportunity awaits me.

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  6. I’m not sure the idea of reincarnation appeals to me D:

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  7. Sorry, I’m too tired to climb a rockface today.

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