5:00 PM Bell!




  1. NO thanks!

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  2. Did he survive?

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  3. yikes!

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  4. The guy has a death wish. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that.

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  5. Wow-heckuva way to celebrate the weekend!

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  6. This video clip is like my nightmares. I wake up before i hit the bottom. So we never get to see this guy doing a belly flop?

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  7. Was it this bad? loool
    We had a short week.

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  8. Ummmm, NO!

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  9. There must be something incredibly good at the bottom.

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  10. Wonder if the considered the time of death when he cleared the lip of the cliff or hit the bottom? There is NO amount of money…..

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  11. I think that’s more how I feel about Monday mornings!?

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