Walking. Into the Wildebeest.


What was it, 20 seconds? A week ago?

I step over the gap and exit the train car.


Hundreds of Suits are charging for the exits and I’m leaning into the rushing current. The great Serengeti wildebeest migration in the tunnels of Grand Central.

Hooves pounding.

I slow my pace and meekly hug the edge of the platform.

Hold on.

Hold it right there.

I remove my ear buds, re-grip my brief case and angle to the center of the platform – the whites of the eyeballs of the wildebeest bear down, they snort, annoyed, as I cut across traffic.

Shoulders spread Wide.
Torso stretches to Oversize.
Chest expands to Full.
Tail feathers flutter to signal “trouble.”

I Go.
Directly up the nostrils of the charging pack.
Accelerating my pace, brushing traffic back.
Shoulders squared up, Rooster playing chicken.

The glares turn to bewilderment.

They yield.
They part.
They pass.

The tunnel empties. I stand alone. Smiling.

What a tool.



  1. Watch out for the cheetahs!

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  2. I can’t! I can’t do it any more. I just wait until nobody is there.

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    • Laughing. And me, I take it as a challenge. Venus and Mars.

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      • I’m an Aries, as Aries as an Aries can be. The word challenge is like the smell of blood to a shark.
        But, not this challenge, not after I fractured my heel.
        Too old for this now 🙂

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        • Fractured heel, how?

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          • It was a morning commute kind of like what you described, this photo brings flashbacks.
            A gentleman rushing behind me accidentally hit me with the corner of his briefcase right behind the knee.
            That spot where a node cause the reflex of the whole leg giving in.
            I was in heels, and the way I twisted my ankle caused a fracture in my heel bone and tearing of the Achilles tendon.
            I was at euro the next day but in a boot for 2 months. The boot was magic. It’s inflated with air on the inside. Walking on air.

            The way you wrote this, Morgan Freeman voice, Animal kingdom.

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          • Wow, what a story. I get it now. Thanks for sharing. As to Morgan Freeman, he doesn’t have to worry, he’s in a League of his own. Love him…

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  3. freddiegeorgia says:

    Gotta be an elephant in the room…somewhere…

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  4. This photo is perfect. Before I even read anything, I thought, “Yup! That’s what David goes through to go to work.” Wildebeests! Coming soon to a town near you.

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  5. Pain aside, David, this is brilliantly written! Excuse me, I can only see your craft!
    OK, now that’s subsiding…. Oh, to do that everyday…! Oh yes, I did that long, long ago when the body was young, brave and, dare I say, without fear.

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  6. You are fearless Mr K! 🚷

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  7. Christie says:

    You are a solo non gps navigator, who in taking a risk, steps up accessing and then forward, embracing the challenge …victory is clear.

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    • Laughing. So good Christie.

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    • Victory is clear. Insanity is close. 🙂


      • Christie says:

        Your “tunnel”vision focus…I am chuckling, thinking of a similar scenario — King of the Road one up man-ship, in which defeat comes to Chevy Chase in one of the vacation movies and of course the attempt at victory of the man (maybe Darren Mcgavin?) in ” Christmas Story” wanting the turkey from his own kitchen only to be beat out my the neighbor’s pack of stealing, ravenous and mongrel dogs who busted into his kitchen and took of with his turkey…Just once those men, the man and Chevy Chase wanted to feel that testosterone fueled glee…forever immortalized on the screen we see defeat…but you buddy have surpassed the ordinary, grabbing the ring and you are in a league of Victors.

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  8. “Tail feathers flutter to signal trouble.” Would pay money to see THAT. You are too funny, pal. Commute as blood sport–go get ’em, tiger!

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  9. Enjoyed the post and the comments. But, blissfully happy to live in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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  10. This one made me laugh. Great imagery…picturing you on the urban Serengeti. That’s something I just can’t do anymore.

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