Miracle? All of it. 

Sound of wings.  Let’s just say: Wow!


  • Source: Your Eyes Blaze Out
  • Post title inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
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  1. it really is a super power!

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  2. I once watched an owl fly from one fence post to another. I couldn’t hear a sound as it flew. They are amazing birds. Love them!

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  3. THIS, is an owl with no anchor tied to it’s a$$.

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  4. Wow, indeed!

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  5. A miracle indeed! Love owls ❤️

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  6. WOW! Thank you dear David, love, nia

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  7. My heart is smiling.

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  8. Makere says:

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  9. Wow! Pretty amazing, I did not know this.. Thanks for sharing David 😀

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    Indeed …. WOW!!

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  11. Needing beauty and wonder today. Thank you.

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  12. christinesat says:

    This is so beautiful. Thanks so much for posting, David.

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  13. Christie says:

    I love Owls and all birds…the video was intriguing. I feel privileged to have been sitting quietly outside and have had a solitary bird fly so low above my head to hear the powerful movement of bird wings and displaced air as the bird flew on past…I’ve had the privileged experience more than once…soon I will be in that place above the wild river…being still has its rewards…(ps: I don’t like being voided on by birds, multiple times esp. the time I’d just washed my long, shinning hair and was drying it out in the sun! I was rather irritated after all I was ten years old ) Oh, I watched some bald Eagles drifting back and forth along the Snake River with the Tetons Mountains as the backdrop, last week. So breath taking…

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  15. So interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by owls.

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  16. Wow it is! Mesmerizing.

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  17. Fascinating, I’ve always wondered how they are so silent. 🙂 Floating helps!

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  18. Incroyable, fascinant.

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