Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


I can’t quarrel with the limitations which are part of me—everybody has the severest of limitations. You are ultimately what you collectively wish to be. When someone says they could be so much more, I say, well you better get started right now, who’s stopping you?  Face it, there’s an anchor tied to your ass.

~ Jim Harrison, Conversations with Jim Harrison



  1. A little cold water and truth first thing in the morning! Bracing☺️!

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  2. xomarinablog says:

    Love it 😊

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  3. my oh my!! 🙂

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  4. i miss this guy, for honest words like this.

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  5. Thanks for the wake up call. What a drag!

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  6. Sometimes difficult to accept. but we are just who we choose to be.

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  7. Yikes – such an image is how Monday mornings make me feel. I needed this chain to pull me out of bed this morning.

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  8. Yes, Sir.
    Paying attention now, Sir.
    Yes, Sir.

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  9. I can’t decide what I like better, “…ultimately what you collectively wish…” OR “…there’s an anchor tied to your ass.” Poetry + Truth!

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  10. Or your ass is your anchor.

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  11. Christie says:

    Jim Harrison’s, words reverberate, echoing…causing me to contemplate…An anchor, holds, grounds, giving time to stop: ride it out, off load or refresh…an anchor can also snag, trapping, violently wrestling in a quagmire of stagnation…to lift and sail again one must conquer fear, working hard to move…an anchor and a rudder are needed for the course of life…limitations are often self imposed, while at other times, we must accept that beyond our controls constraints visit…While Engaging Hope, we learn that with time, work, support, grace and creativity…We Conquer, We Rise, to a New Reality of Living…

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