What was the last time someone’s touch made you quiver with delight?


  • Amstell: What was the last time someone’s touch made you quiver with delight?
  • Björk: I ate a piece of chocolate on the way here… Does that count….? That was a good chocolate.
  • Amstell: …Okay….I’d rather it be someone who touched you…. and that made you quiver.
  • Björk: …It can’t be chocolate? It has to be a person?
  • Amstell: *sighs* …Ideally.
  • Björk: I’m just trying to learn the rules of the game.

~ Simon Amstell interviews Björk. Full interview here: Popworld interviews Björk




  1. Why can’t it be chocolate? 😉 I read somewhere that chocolate releases the same hormones that love does. ❤
    Diana xo

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  2. Chocolate it is!

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  3. Not just ANY Chocolate.
    But I’m not naming mine.

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  4. “A bit like a quiz show.” :0)

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  5. Lindor dark chocolate truffles. 💕

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  6. Chocolate has a pass…yay!

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  7. PS…I loved the whole interview!:-)

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  8. can’t i have chocolate and touch, both?

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  9. Chocolate vs. the excitement of fresh, exciting love? And chocolate is winning? Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore.

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  10. Double whammy – chocolate while holding my five month old granddaughter – major quiver …

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  11. Chocolate…THE food group.

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  12. Christie says:

    Still traveling…during this time of grief // Actually have a computer connection!! // “What was the last time someone’s touch made you quiver with delight?” About 18 months ago..Well it was not me that was quivering but a brave stranger (he was about 29) and he surprisingly touched me, holding my face with both his hands,,,he was very sweet… and then he turned and walked away,,,A powerful & intense few moments …I went home and told my husband, he said What ! !! Oh! & what he said is true 🙂

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  13. Bless Bjôrk for slapping that interviewer upside the head. Chocolate is an addictive substitute, but alas, for me, still a substitute. I’d like to think I’ll feel that touch once more in my life.

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