I Approve This Message

If you are having trouble viewing the youtube video, try this link: CBS Sunday Morning: Approval Junkies Always Looking for Validation


  1. It won’t let me play the video, but I grinned seeing you “approve” the message.

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  2. Ha!

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  3. I approve too! This was spot on.

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    The lesson continues indoors, thanks to David Kanigan.

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  5. One of the great things about getting older, for me and for many of my friends and colleagues, has been a gradual lessening of that hunger for the approval of others. Yet we still have high standards for ourselves – in some cases, higher than ever. I like your positive take on it, but I think women esp. are very hard on themselves. One alternative is the reading of Amy Cuddy’s “Presence” for a refreshing change of brain chemistry. Or just watch her YT video: https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are

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  6. I approve and I do care!! 😀😀

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    Are you an approval junkie?

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  8. Thanks! I’ve never seen Faith before but I’ll be looking for more. So glad your posts are now showing up in Google+ otherwise I would not have seen this…

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  9. everyone needs a bit of approval, helps keep us going

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  10. The quest for approval weakened in the early 40’s for me. Gave a few less f*#%’s.

    But I loved the Amy Cuddy video on presence. Powerful message. 💕

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  11. An exorcism for her husband?! Nuts….

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  12. Love this…I’m a TOTAL & COMPLETE approval junkie! I blame it on being the oldest child. But in all honesty, it’s probably my obsessive compulsive goal oriented nature. But…I Kind Of Like That About Myself (@wordpress.com) 🙂

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