Saturday Morning


Zeke nestles up tight, his back to my chest, resting his nose on his paws. My arm wraps around his sternum, his heart beats on my finger tips, low and slow. His brown eyes, Full, are On the window. His nose twitches, Bird.

The air offers no resistance to the morning rush of robins, sparrows and finches. Bird song floods the room.

Man and his bird dog. Domesticated, fattened calves, gorged on Comfort. Thousands of years of Evolution to arrive here, Now.

Roof, walls, comforter, bed, Warmth.

He drifts. His eyes, a mirrored pool of melancholia, flash back with longing to a time of his ancestors, running in the Hungarian woods flushing grouse – tails pointing to the drumming beat of wings.

A soft wind gust rattles the blinds. He turns from the window, looks up at me and sighs, as if to recite Stafford,

“Breathe on the world. Hold out your hands to it.”

~ DK


  • Photograph: Cara Olinger with her Vizsla (via I Can’t Stop Reblogging)
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  • Posted inspired by Whiskey River share: “When one lives with birds one sees how the noise level of the birds keeps up with the noise level of the house, with the wind that begins to whisper and whistle across the sidings, with each notch up you turn the volume dial on your record player. It is the rumble and rasping of the inert things that provokes the vocalization of the animals; fish hum with the streams and birds chatter in the crackling of the windy forest. To live is to echo the vibrancy of things. To be, for material things, is to resonate. There is sound in things like there is warmth and cold in things, and things resonate like they irradiate their warmth or their cold.”  – Alfonso Lingis, The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common.


  1. Yes, thousands of years to get here, but worth the wait. (Awesome photo)

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  2. Hmmm….Zeke’s eyes full of yearning, yours full of love…hold on to each other – you two get each other. And there’s nothing like having a pup like that.

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  3. the will to renew and refresh is greater than the instinct to do what we feel we should be doing at any given time. unless there is the smell of bacon and pancakes wafting through the air….

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

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  5. You can tell he’s an inside dog with those pink toes. He looks so sweet.

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  6. Aren’t we domesticated too?

    And,Call me crazy, but I always wonder if our 2 year old cat misses her mom.

    I read what your BEAUTIFUL post was inspired by more than once.
    So beautiful, so true, I’m inside a lot and most of the time my head is buried in something, or cooking or cleaning. The songs of birds are my only indication of what’s going on outside.
    Specially, when it’s about to rain, right before the rain.

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  7. Smiling … 😊

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  8. heartwarming

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  9. Gorgeous photo. A companion for life. 🙂

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  10. This is so beautiful and full of love, Blessing you both. Thank you, Love, nia

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  11. I feel this with my old dog Dickens. She is not a hunting dog as most of ours were before her, but her blood still stirs at the sound of nature right outside our window.

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  12. Beautiful.

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  13. Loved this, DK. Beau loves to snuggle up against me in bed and then let out the most contented sigh. It travels all the way from the top of his head to the tip of his tail and straight to the center of my heart. Enjoy your beautiful boy…

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  14. Aww that face 🙂 How is Zeke feeling today? Hope he gets better soon!

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