Patience please. Don’t quit too soon…

Jean-Michel Blais is a 31-year-old pianist from Montreal. He grew up in a rural French Catholic town in Quebec, and at age nine began tinkering with his family’s organ. By 16, he was invited by a conservatory to train as a classical pianist. Deep in the throes of teenage rebellion, Blais found the constraints of formal training cumbersome and, after two years of study, he decided to trade the conservatory for a life of world travel. Blais then spent his 20s living around the world — including stints in Berlin and South America — before finally settling in Montreal where he began to work on his debut album, entitled Il, which was released on Arts & Crafts on April 8, 2016.”

If you liked this, you’ll love this tune: Jean-Michel Blais | Il.


  1. Love it! That is beautiful.

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  2. No patience required. My heart was taken.

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  3. Wow…
    He reminds me of one of my favorite pianists, George Winston.
    Going to see Winston this sunday.
    Thank you, David!

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  4. Where’s the damn ‘love’ button? What a talent…

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  5. oh, i love this –

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  6. Oh! yes totally love…

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  7. Reblogged this on Makere's Blog and commented:
    Exquisite, this.

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  8. The perfect soundtrack by which to enjoy my morning coffee, with the crashing of waves several hundred feet below and the exhortations of the mourning doves to linger a little longer a lovely back-up…. It doesn’t get much better….

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