The way is not really a way.
It is a depth.
It is not a distance.

~ Mooji, “Inspirational – Into the Deep” from White Fire


  • Thank you Val Boyko for her inspirational post: Inspiration – Into the Deep and for Mooji quote.
  • Photo: National Geographic – Whale of a Tail by Shane Gross: “A sperm whale “waves goodbye” to Shane Gross, who had traveled to Sri Lanka’s east coast hoping to photograph blue whales. “While we did have some success with the blues, it was the sperm whales that stole the show,” he writes. He captured this picture toward the end of the six-day expedition. “It was late in the day and the sun was low as this small pod swam toward me, and I did my best to keep quiet so as to not frighten them. This one started to dive and I free dove right after her, trying to get as close to that massive tail as possible. I knew she might be the last whale I’d encounter on the trip, and indeed, she was.”


  1. Or a height?😉

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  2. Jordan Richardson says:

    And it’s not a race, either.

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  3. I can only imagine being up close and personal with such amazing creatures. The photograph is amazing.

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  4. Reblogged this on Bridgit's Fire.

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  5. Mooji and the whales each have their own particular wisdom to share with us.

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  6. This is marvellous. I love it

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  7. Thank you David. Photo is spectacular


  8. What a wonderful photo to go with Mooji’s words David!
    … Now I’m wondering about Mimi’s whole height idea. Transcendence from one consciousness to an other. 💛

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  9. Whales are amazing, and mysterious to us because we can’t go where they go.

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  10. yes, it’s all about the depth.

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  11. Yes and yes. At least *my* way is depth—internal.

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  12. Fabulous pairing of word and photo, and agree with the ‘depth’ angle…I’m on a bit of an hiatus, plumbing it now… 😉


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