Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


And me? What did I want? I could answer that question in the few moments it took me to climb onto the bus, take my seat, and let it carry me to work under the pale light of the afternoon moon. What did I want? Maybe to believe what I had denied for longer than I could remember: that life could be something other than just a series of days and weeks and years to get through. Slog through, with my head down and eyes averted. Instead, it could actually be interesting, rich with possibilities. It could even be mysterious. Very mysterious. It could keep me up all night, thinking. Wondering. Listening. It could make me want to keep tuning around the universal dial, trying to find out what I might hear. What I might encounter. What did I want? There was no doubt about that now. What did I want? I wanted more.

~ Eleanor Lerman, Radiomen



  1. Love this!(photo and all!) Reminds me of when I was younger. Now it is reality. So glad to be livin’ life!

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  2. Don’t we all?

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  3. Very evocative. Thanks David.

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  4. Is it Monday already?
    Yes, More.
    Cheers, To More.
    It’s been said too that “less is the new more” 😉

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  5. Life is too short not to want more, expect more, be more! 🙂

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  6. just want to live –

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