Riding Metro North. With Black Crow.

End to end, it was seconds.
But this won’t be wiped with a flick of the wrist on an Etch-a-Sketch.
5:37 am. 45 F.
Rain, a light mist.
Minutes from the 5:40 to Grand Central.
She’s approaching.
Ten Yards.
Tall. Wafer thin.
Her eyes on me.
I avert, and then return to Her.
Black hair. Neatly primped above shoulders. Dark as night.
Black pumps.
Black coat.
Black shoulder bag.
Five yards away.
Thin nose.
Black eyes. No light.
I slide back six inches from the guardrail.
She maintains her course, straight ahead.
The Earth and the platform trembles.
It’s the Iron Horse, three spot lamps from the head illuminate the rails.
She stops, in my space, the rail cars rush by…followed by a blast of wind.
We stand face to face. Eye to eye.
She glances at my black rain slicker, and then down at my black shoes.
And snaps her head back up.
She abruptly turns and continues down the ramp.
Her tail, or tail feathers swishing behind her.

WTH was that?

I step cautiously over the Black Cat’s path and wait for the doors to open.
Nah, let’s go with Black Magic.



  1. Magical indeed DK! The illustration is perfect 🌚

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  2. WOW! This was great. Thank you dear David, Love, nia

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  3. Dangerous women in the morning? That can only mean one thing…
    Under that rain slicker you are wearing a stretchy super hero suit?!? I KNEW IT!!!
    Watch your back,Sparrow- sounds like this could be a wild day!

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  4. Jordan Richardson says:

    The black eyes are always tremble-worthy, no matter what.

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  5. I like the imagery a lot!

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  6. Wow, DK, loved this! What a scene you sketch! (and that illustration is fab, too–ran a chill up the back of my neck….)

    The whole scenario made me think of a hostess I once encountered in a Milan restaurant–trim, incredibly chic, dressed head to toe in black, black hair pulled back in a severe bun. She ran that restaurant like a drill Sargent, but with *extreme* economy of words. By the end of the meal, I was convinced that she had little electrical devices planted in every waiter’s waistband–too slow to respond to a customer’s request, lagging on that water glass refill, etc., BAM!

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  7. Such interesting travels on the way to work Mr K. Do you think she was staring and aware of you simply because you were staring and aware of her? It would be interesting to hear her version of the event. She does seem very mystical indeed. Great writing.

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  8. Some people…just have this thing about them. I know someone (very well) just like that, except that she has light in her eyes…and it’s the weirdest thing to be in her company when all of that is happening, especially when you consider her relationship to me. Anyway, yes, some people are made of magic…or something. Great writing, David.

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  9. Ahhhhh. Another Scorpio on the scent.

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  10. Liked by 1 person

  11. you can face to face with a shark.

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  12. oops – ‘came’

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  13. Paint it Black! You did it, DK.

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