I’m listening.


There are many such assignments one can give. When Janet Fout’s daughter was a little girl, the two of them used to spend time together out of doors, playing and inventing nature games. My own favorite was listening for the sounds they could not hear, which Fout called “The Sounds of a Creature Not Stirring.” Examples might include: sap rising, snowflakes forming and falling, sunrise, moonrise, feathers, dew on the grass, a seed germinating, an earthworm moving through the soil, an apple ripening, wood petrifying, a spider weaving its web, a leaf changing colors, a salmon spawning.

~ Christian McEwen, World Enough & Time



  1. What a wonderful method for teaching the young to be still and quiet within. “The Sounds of a Creature Not Stirring.” I believe we could all benefit from this, David… 🙂

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  2. a wonderful exercise for all ages –

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  3. Clouds moving, time passing, me aging…apologies here…the aging event will definitely be non-silent. Can you hear me now?

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  4. A perfect idea for us all. “I’m listening.” TGIF

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