Saturday Morning


I wanted to come undone
like gold thread,
like a tent full of birds.

~ Sandra Cisneros, from “One Holy Night,” Woman Hollering Creek

Sources: Photo by stonelario. Quote – the chateau of my heart


  1. I”m noticing a pretty, new header, but I’m sure it’s been there a while.

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  2. just to let the spool unwind a bit –

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  3. Whoa…that pic woke me up !!! You can see the photographer’s reflection. Very cool. ❤️

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Saturday morning …. wake up!

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  5. Love the photo….reminds me of how I must have looked to my almost three year old nephew…my sister would come to Mom’s every Saturday morning and he’d rush into my youngest sister and my bedroom, climb on my bed and if I didn’t open my eyes fast enough he’d take his unrestrained little index finger and poke my wake me up! I was always the first one to get the dose of love…I was the only one who had carte blanche to pull into his daycare (after my day at school) and take him with me…no cells at that time my sister would go to pick him up and they’d say he is with your sister…(she wasn’t aloud incoming calls at her work) They lived with us for about the first 8 months of his life…I will never forget the day I came home from school and my sister was sitting on the top stair rocking and vacant…I said where is the baby, he is in the hospital…the ambulance took him from the pediatrician’s office…they’d discovered a birth defect that required immediate surgery and she couldn’t be there alone so she came home and I was the first one to be there to support her….when he was in ICU, I’d go and stay there after school until she could get there from work…depending on the nursing shift they sometimes thought I was the mom because of my obvious love for him….

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  6. almost two year old nephew

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  7. I see others ‘come undone’ and I wonder to myself…how do they do that?

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