Super Hyper Hair


“Jacques Bodin is a french hyperrealist painter who lives and works in Paris. Most of his paintings are made in an almost absurd scale and magnification, so the subject becomes a kind of abstraction separating it from ordinary reality and endowing it with a life of its own.”

Don’t miss more hyperrealistic hair paintings at Faith is Torment: Jacques Bodin

Find Bodin’s website and gallery here:

Source: This Isn’t Happiness


  1. I wondered where you were going with that title, and did NOT end up in the same place in my mind that you brought me to in reality. 😉 Interesting art–not my cup of tea, but I can certainly appreciate the skill and the idea of looking at the world in a different way. 😀

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  2. Wonderful to note that he makes a study of untidy hair. Feeling much better. Also, now I can blame my unruly tresses on my French ancestors!

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  3. He’d like my tousled, shiny locks….

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  4. Nice hair! But it’s a painting???? Wow!

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  5. Or is it photography?

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  6. it is indeed hyper realist, I’d imagine it would take a huge investment of time to compose, develop and finish a work of that scope. I admire that kind of tenacity and persistence!! He’s done a wonderful work 🙂

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  7. oh, wow.

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  8. My goodness, that’s detail isn’t it?!!! I do love drawing hair, but I’ve not tried painting it yet, something very random about hair, unlike the smoothness of faces, which is enormously difficult to reproduce accurately. Gorgeous art! 🙂

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