Sunday Night Is Cool.




  1. Exactly! I didn’t like Sundays much before I retired because it meant that the next day was a workday. Now it doesn’t matter, but I do remember how precious long weekends were.

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  2. although I still have to work as I procrastinated writing up my column and council news for the paper……

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  3. Laughing…so true. These long weekends make me realize what mind games we play with ourselves. I woke up this morning and felt so happy, then thought, “Hmmmm, how is it a Monday can feel this way?” So silly…it’s just a day to make of whatever I choose… Hope yours is a relaxing one, pal…

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  4. Three day weekends are the best! If I were President, I would proclaim the national workweek to be as follows: work Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday, work Thursday and Friday, off Saturday and Sunday. That way, we’d never work more than two days in a row. And because, of course, that’s what presidents get to do. 🙂

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  5. Now Monday night is gonna take the heat…sigh, but oh the bliss of an extra free night and day!


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