It’s been a long day


I see and inhabit beauty in a blink.
But it doesn’t change me within.
It doesn’t release the iron jaws of worry,
the buzzing hurry,
the dull certainty that I am, we are,
the world is spiraling down.
Where are you in this?
How can I access the energy
that used to hold me aloft?

~ Dani Kopoulos



  1. Our thinking creates our reality that’s for sure…. and can bring us into a spiral or hold us aloft. 💛

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  2. breathe.

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  3. Downward spiral is age the alot energy is youth.

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  4. Where are you in this? For me, I am changed…I am affected…Be it the vision of a beautiful mountain or a beautiful experience that swirls me around and impacts my heart and soul… these moments of awe, breath life into me…one must not let challenges of the journey overtake and deplete your souls energy…one must intentionally, take a moments rest, contemplate, draw in a breath, slowly exhale and remember the gift of life and the wonder..and allow the inner strength to emerge..victoriously, strong, standing tall and doing….allow yourself to become lost in the next beautiful moment & trust that God is Near …in the storm and in the calm…find the Joy in the Midst….

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  5. All our complexities and stress are caused from separation. ‘This spiralling’, that Dani describes so well, is because we have lost our connection to everyone and everything, and our oneness in life. Mother Teresa reminds us, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

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  6. Oh I sure know too well about the iron jaws of worry

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  7. Those “iron jaws” are pernicious, aren’t they? But I’m with Karen, connection with others is the key. Was feeling pinned yesterday, and a wonderful conversation and good belly laugh with a dear, dear friend made all the difference. Brought me back to center….😀

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  8. On my bad days, Beauty is an oasis. It allows me a deeper breath, an eighth-note pause, before the fist remembers it must clench.

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  9. For me… I see the word, worry as counterproductive & For me, the action of yielding to a moment by reaching out to God is wise and necessary.. times of stress can last awhile but in the end they are temporary and much has been gained through navigating the challenge….
    What Karen said, is deep..”separation from others”….
    For me the burden is eased… when I can lean on another… and when I step off the path and depend on myself (leaning on one’s own understanding) problems arise as separation from God occurs when faith & yielding should have taken place…there are times when I Need to remember to trust Him …

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