Every stub. Every whisker. Every mole. Every freckle. Every eyelash.

bald eagle

The bird cranes his head down to watch me, so the plumage on his neck fluffs out. HIs head is narrow, pinched, tightly feathered; his eyes are silver-gold, astringent, and stare forward along the curved scythe of his beak. Burned into each eye is a constricted black pupil, like the tightly strung arrow of a crossbow aimed straight toward me. What does the eagle see when he looks at me, this bird who can spot a herring’s flash in the water a quarter-mile away? I suppose every stub of whisker on my face, every mole and freckle, every eyelash, the pink flesh on my eyelid, the red network of vessels on the white of my eye, the radiating colors of my iris, his own reflection on my pupil, or beneath this reflection, his inverted image on my retina. I see only the eagle’s eye, but wonder if he sees down inside mine. Or inside me perhaps.

~ Richard Nelson, The Island Within

Photograph: Fairy-Wren


  1. Wow…stunning !

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  2. Fabulous!

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  3. Wow! Awesome wordsmith…and a fresh viewpoint.

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  4. I’ve wondered exactly about that with the ospreys. Beautiful!

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  5. And now I wonder too, David! ❤
    Diana xo

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  6. i have had these thoughts when my cat is staring at me, unblinking and steady.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Wonder what he sees ….

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  8. Christie says:

    Such an enormity of intricate, wondrous diversity in this world. Each cell, a living organism, programed to replicate, communicate with other cells (in signalling transduction) & then cell death (apoptosis, normal regulated death) and in some situations traumatic loss of cell viability by external forces leads to the cascading effect of with, is sad. I Marvel at the Complexity of the Joining of Cells, in this situation the Co-Mingling Brought Forth a Magnificent Bird of Pray, the Bald Eagle. He Needs His Sharp Eyes For His Very Survival. I saw two Bald Eagles, perched high and intently scanning the vista, in separate locations on my journey back home on Sunday. While away from home, I witnessed so much beauty, breathed such lovely air, appreciated the quiet time in nature and the time spent with family. One of those precious family members, my mother in law is failing, her body fragile from underlying health issues & age, she is also fighting pneumonia. We shortened our trip due to the heat and the need to be closer to home as we received word that my Mom is in the hospital, upon release she will go to a facility to gain strength in hopes of returning home where she has a full time care giver. Her doctor has suggested that it is time for hospice. My daughter is ill with a nasty bug. As hard as reality can be, in touching our hearts, these situations are part of the miracle of the gift of life and its cycle. (I am a very sensitive soul not cold and clinical) Richard Nelson has been gifted his own highly observational, Eagle Eye, an amazing deep breath of insight and he is a master of crafting thoughts and joining of words. I love his sense of Wonder…..and for me I believe God Created All of this ~ Heaven and the Earth. *//// * PS: I was curious as to the eagles eye structure and the rods and cone numbers, so I googled. Their eyes are the same size as human eyes. I think who ever chooses to read the info about Eagles Eyes at this link, will be fascinated : http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/eagle/VisionA.html#2 Also, I know little of cell biology but find it so interesting. I am so thankful for Precious Eyesight, my only living brother is blind (hereditary issue, that meet him as he aged) & am I diabetic and have experienced fluctuation in my sight. Please wear eye protection when mowing the lawn, working with tools or if a person uses a caustic drain cleaner that contains, lye.. Generally, there is much beauty and mystery in looking into another’s eyes. Our eyes help us to navigate in this world…


  9. What am amazing journey you haven taking me on this morning…thank you for sharing.


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