Walking Cross Town. In Slow Motion.


Thursday morning.
First train arrives at Grand Central at 5:55 am.
I twist ear buds in.
Turn volume up.
And set the playlist.
Noise cancelling headphones block the outside.
David Gray fills the inside.

Commuters stage left, and right, and front, and back.
A teeming shoal of barracuda jockeying for position for the exits.

While I was watching you did a slow dance.

We edge forward through the tunnel.
Down the stairs.
And a hard left up the corridor for the Madison exit.

Life in slow motion somehow it don’t feel real.

Up escalator.
I lean into left lane. Speed lane.
She’s up and in front.
A Barracuda presses from behind, and three behind him.

I’m right on her heels.
And careful not to clip her white canvas slip on sneakers.
Her left ankle pushes off and up.
And there’s a mark.
Bigger than a postage stamp.
Smaller than a post-it note.

We’re half way up.
Left leg up.
Left foot down.
It’s blue. No cobalt.
A Blue Morpho.
Trimmed in Black. White dots on edges of wing span.

Snowflakes are falling I’ll catch them in my hands

Left leg up, wings flap.
Left foot down, wings tuck.
Wings flap.
Wings Tuck.

Did I imagine they held us hypnotized.

She adjusts her shoulder bag.
Pushes open the door.
Turns right
and heads up Madison.

While I was watching you did a slow dissolve
Snowflakes are falling I’ll catch them in my hands



  1. Entrancing David!

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  2. This is beautiful writing, and remarkably sensitive for a Barracuda.

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  3. Lovely word…captivating and enchanting.

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  4. Lovely, but I’m glad the “blue morpho” was linked. I wasn’t sure what the image was ??? Van

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  5. fantastic, as always – i so enJOY your real experiences and the lovely way you have of writing. thank you, David.

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  6. i love your perspective and imagery, david. very rich stuff.

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  7. You just keep getting better, my friend…if I didn’t know better, I would imagine your weekdays being spent much differently than they are. In my mind, you would simply be a writer…capturing life’s moments, day by day. 🙂

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  8. I’m with everyone else here. These prose-poems are a book waiting to happen.

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  9. “The most powerful patterns are created within the tiniest details” Your writing reminds us to look beyond the busyness of our lives and “See” We never know what we may find in the details, in the moment. Great writing. 🙂

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  10. The door-knob says:

    Reblogged this on Impressions. and commented:
    Such imagination. Beautiful writing.

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