T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week

Yayoi Kusama,painting

Yayoi Kusama (Japanese, b. 1929), Infinity Dots (HRT), 2001. Synthetic polymer paint on canvas. Find Yayoi Kusama’s current exhibit at David Zwirner here: Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love .

Source: Your Eyes Blaze Out


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  2. Can’t put my finger on why, exactly, but I find this image incredibly soothing. At first glance, I thought, “No, no my taste,” but I kept looking and felt myself begin to sink into the image, like sliding into a bubble bath. Mesmerizing…

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  3. It reminds me of a river bed lined with smooth rocks.

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  4. cool

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  5. I’m mysteriously drawn to this.

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  6. Christie says:

    I like this image.The shadows, the movement. Much work went into this painting.

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  7. I looked at this twice today. First thing in the morning is looked like circles and shadows.
    At the end of the day it has come to life.
    Dear god … what has happened to my brain today … and every day?

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  8. It definitely draws you in. For me, I wonder if there’s something about the moon-like spheres, as I’m a big fan of ‘la bella luna’. The repetitive circles, the shading – definitely something soothing and comforting here.

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  9. A truly long day can feel like this. Infinite events of different sizes, some lighter some darker, nothing remarkable ~ like fully black or white. I like it.

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