At two a.m.


At two a.m.
the sky is patent black
and I stand at the center of all my mistakes.

~ Jill Alexander Essbaum



  1. My call comes at 3am.


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  2. and then you accept it or not.

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  3. And they loom.

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  4. usually 3 a.m.for me

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  5. Banishment of such thoughts at night, that’s what works best. Better to examine those mistakes in the cold light of day, after a decent sleep. There’s nothing can be done about them at two a.m., when they’re liable to inflate themselves out of all proportion.

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  6. Dave,
    No better time for an examination of one’s conscience. The next surise offers an opportunity to amend one’s ways. And in so doing the next 2AM wakeup call may simply be a turning over to your other side, free of regrets.

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  7. That’s exactly why I go to sleep well after midnight. Can’t hear the two a.m. wakeup call.

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  8. Lovely. At 2 a.m. in MY world, I’m struggling to fall asleep because I have to get up in 4 hours…

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  9. This one made me gasp. I will find someplace to put it.

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