SMWI*: Let’s go paddleboarding

Lake Powell, Big Water, Utah


  • “A paddleboarder floats by Lone Rock on Lake Powell near Big Water, Utah.”
  • Source/Photographer: Justin Sullivan via
  • SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspirational


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  2. The paddler has courage..that equals to the might of the rock ..small in size..yet brave in thoughts.

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  3. That looks amazing! A great experience.

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  4. Love the tranquility of this scene…

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  5. Great photo

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  6. Christie says:

    Cool photo. He was dwarfed by immensity of the rocks (cliff tops). The world is sure vast. I think of how small a person looks against back drops, think of how a tiny ant looks against the scale of everyday household items like an 8 oz glass with some water residue; the ant must climb and descend to reach the water, then climb and descend. In life we all climb, descend and at times exist in the in-between, the level of balance. That location, Lake Powell would have been a great spot to watch the total red moon eclipse. Our skies are clear! and I’ve been up more than an hour watching. It was neat. The Utah paddle boater was enjoying warmer conditions than the paddle boater on I think Lake Michigan among the ice flow chunks, one of your earlier posts.

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  7. That is where I want to be, doing that.

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    • Yes. THAT. And speaking of THAT, and totally (and completely), unrelated. THAT reminds me of:

      You can only reach something in the dream. And what you can reach, you have to lose again. And the loser you can lose, will pop up again….Nothing has to go, nothing has to come. You are still in that idea that something has to change for you to be what-you-are….Inspite of all the happenings, inspite of all the presence and absence, whatever can be or not be, you are That.

      — Karl Renz


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