It’s been a long day…


This is one of the finalists in’s 12th Annual Photo Contest.  It was selected from over 26,500 entires by photographers from 93 different countries. This photo of a wave striking an elephant seal pup was taken by Anthony Smith on South Georgia Island in January, 2014. “Young elephant seals were sprawled all over the upper beaches in a remote sub-Antarctic region of the Atlantic, but for some reason this youngster had chose to lie down to rest right within the surf!” says Smith.

Don’t miss the other finalists here at 12th Annual Photo Contest Finalists


  1. Mimi?…….teeing it up for you

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  2. Oh he is soooo cute. I love seals. 🙂

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  3. Christie says:

    I enjoyed looking through the photos from the Smithsonian link.. a train ride in Myanmar I’d seen before and posted it last year on my fb wall.- totally captivating! I noticed while glancing through the photos an article on the right side bar that I read and was fascinated with. I think you and your readers will be engrossed if you read it. Can’t imagine no human contact for over 40 years other than you immediate family, the lack of food and variety and the cold..

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  4. He is adorable! Just enjoying the free bath, in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything in particular… one of my top favorites among the finalists.

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  5. Here’s the famous curveball…Awwwwww baby!,, but, I would like to be sleeping with that abandon right now…arms of Morpheus wherefore art thou?? Oh….at beach.

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  6. i completely understand.

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  7. This little tyke obviously takes the soporific effect of the crashing waves quite seriously…😊

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  8. WOW – What a great capture!

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