Great Question


…the world did not have to be
beautiful to work.
But it is.
What does that mean?

~Mary Oliver, in an NPR Interview – A Thousand Mornings



  1. It means we should appreciate it…..more.

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  2. It all works so much better when we see its beauty

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  4. Quite the philosophical start to my day David …

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  5. Dave,
    Beauty is in truth. And truth is real, whether there is anyone around or not to notice it. We do not conjure it up, but discover that truth, through the exercise of common sense observation.

    We can chose to follow objective truth or not. When we don’t we are open to chaos and the dischord it brings with it. Not such a beautiful world then; which I don’t believe works to well either. All we need to do is look around us.

    However, the beauty of the Earth is separate from the world. The Earth can be and is very beautiful. But the world can and is often very ugly. It is in the choices that we make that can bring beauty to both.

    If we open our hearts to truth, then our eyes will be open to beauty.


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    • Alan, I had to read this a few times to digest. I continued to want to interchange “truth” for “acceptance” or “surrender” especially in matters of ugly or evil. Yet, acceptance when there are “wrongs” doesn’t lead to change. And I do, agree, when we open our hearts to what is, our eyes will be open to beauty.

      Your thoughtful comments reminded me of a passage from an essay by Agnes Martin:

      There are two parts of the mind. The outer mind that records facts and the inner mind that says “yes” and “no.” When you think of something that you should do, the inner mind says “yes” and you feel elated. We call this inspiration. For an artist this is the only way. There is no help anywhere. He must listen to his own mind. The way of the artist is an entirely different way. It is a way of surrender. He must surrender to his own mind.

      ~ Agnes Martin, Beauty is the Mystery of Life


  6. I wonder if it can be understood as, the world unfolds its beauty naturally and in perfect timing. It didnt have to be “beautiful” to be beautiful? It didnt happen with control or because we forced it. And so because our true nature is beauty we dont have to be or try to be someone more than our authentic beautiful self. ???

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  7. it’s a gift.

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